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We can't forget the "beauty" of basic french fashion street style but sometime, we can make it more fun more interesting!!!!!!!!!

Basics about French fashion street style

Women all over the globe envy the effortless chic of France due to their elegant and sophisticated styles. Some cultures in the world give preference to elaborate hair, makeup and physical beauty but for French people it is all about clothes and their carriage. The Parisians give special importance to what they wear and how to they carry themselves. No matter whatever trend you may see in street fashion of Europe it will make these chic looks sophisticated and elegant. There are some special basics which are followed in all the French clothing styles.

Keeping It Simple:One of the basics about French style is to keep it simple. The French females like Americans do not spend long hours in grooming themselves. The French style is nonchalantly gorgeous and natural. The Parisians prefer pieces which are classic in shape, construction and colour. They have a wardrobe with high quality staples.Paying Homage to the past:The styles of French clothing are elegant refined and tend to be conservative. Though they have a come a long way to become modern but the tradition of being dressed up well is still honoured by them. As for the instance the casual wears like sweat pants and shorts are meant only for the gym and not for the trips to shopping. You will rarely see a woman with these clothing on the streets of Paris. They do accept jeans but they have to be paired along with loafers, ballet flats or boots and classic heels.Timeless Designs:For the majority of the French women basic wardrobe pieces and designer labels functions well with various occasions. Couture dress style is a well known in Paris. The centre of the city is inspired by the norms of the designer pieces along with beautiful accessories. The sidewalks and cafes are generally seen with classic styles from Chanel boutiques. Though the Chanel boots worn by an elegant lady in a restaurant may be a decade old but these timeless pieces have potential to last for a lifetime.

Basically Good:Quality is another basic requirement for a street style fashion. French are known all over the globe for their superior quality. Though most of the designers may start various different trends on the catwalk but on the sidewalk you will see high quality leather heels and shoes, cashmere sweaters, handbags of amazing workmanship and fine wool trousers. French women lay emphasis on basics and their wardrobe has dozen of high quality solid pieces which they can carry from day till evening. A French chic follows one perfect style secret to be well dressed all the time.Neutrals goes well in all the seasons:Neutrals are also an important part of French fashion street style as they are season less and chic. These neutrals go hand in hand with the fashion and show the practicality of French females. The examples may include harvest gold or neon pink. According to the trends the colours are used for accessories like purse, shoes and scarf’s.

Thus, by following these basic rules the French people show their stunning clothing taste and effortless elegance. Sophistication is the keyword to the French style of dressing which is certainly not overly glitzy. Whether it is French men or women, all of them go for elegant and sophisticated clothing and styles. An American tourist will definitely have a feeling of undressed in comparison to the French natives. The key lies in wearing well fitted and understated clothes. A tidy look which does not revel is preferred by them for all the occasions and events. So no matter whatever the season and time is, the Europeans adhere to these basic facts and rules to look stunning and beautiful.

Monday, March 15, 2010